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Tired Of Looking At Scrap Cars In Your Garage?

If you require high-quality new, used, recycled auto parts at affordable rates, Edmonton Cash 4 Junk Car offers free removal of junk cars in Edmonton & the surrounding area. Our friendly customer care representatives are available 7 days a week to assist you in the removal of your junk vehicle. We buy any type of junk car, truck, van, or SUV.

Different things might come to your mind for your unwanted car removal in St Albert. Let us clear them for you, we offer top cash in Edmonton for your junk car removal and even offer you cash before taking your car. This way, you get enough time to think about our offer and make a decision based on your consideration and compare our rates with other service providers.

Don’t worry, you can also check current rates of scrap metal or rates of other service providers, then get back to us.

Once you accept our offer, we will schedule a suitable time for you where we would come, pick up and remove your junk car from Fort Saskatchewan.

Are You Worried?

We acknowledge that there is a decent connection of everyone with their cars even if that is unworthy of roads. They just love it and keep that car for the sake of love (especially if you had one of those Japanese models; UUHH my dad used to love that). In a place like Edmonton, we see most backyards fille up with scrap cars. Now, do not think that we are calling your car junk because it was junk in its time. It may have ruled the era and had its best days, but now the time has come to get rid of it. It is better now before it is too late.

Thus, we offer you decent cash and recycle that metal which can be reused for better purposes, so indirectly, your car will serve its last purpose like a soldier. Isn’t that enough?

Why Should You Trust us?

We have always strived to provide complete customer satisfaction by providing quality scrap car and auto salvage services. If you are confused about where you can sell your unwelcome, mishap, junk, rusted, and even fresh vehicles and buy quality products then you don’t need to worry, we can help you in this regard. No matter what the models, years, conditions of vehicles, we can buy them all and offer the best prices for them. More than that, we carry all models of vehicles. We also offer free pickup of your damaged vehicle at a time and place that is easy for you.

Caring For Each Customer

Caring for every customer is one of our core values. We are not another company that is only hungry for scrap metal, but we try to build trust among customers by providing the best rates and efficient services. Out of our ten customers, nine are always satisfied with our rates and the rest are just not sure if they want to sell their cars or not.

Recycling For a Better Purpose

It is now time for your junk car to serve a purpose and that is recycling. As you know that extracting metal can be costly and daunting, so why not reuse the existing metal for different purposes.

Likewise, it might be hard for you to get rid of your favorite car that got broken, but think of it that way, it is the chance for your car to say goodbye like a soldier. So, do not worry about anything and get our junk car removal services in Edmonton.

What Makes Us Best Junk Car Buyers In Edmonton

No Hidden Charges

We would not show you a list of charges after you accept the offer, but our rates are pretty decent and straightforward. This way, we do not deceive our customers into anything, but you get the same price as we state in our offer.

Likewise, we take care of other formalities needed to sell your scrap cars, so you only have to reach out and sit back while we remove your unwanted car in Fort Saskatchewan.

Get Paid Instantly

Just like our prices are the best in town, we also make sure to give your cash right on the spot so that you do not have to worry about anything. This builds trust among our customers as they can rely on us for getting paid instantly for their scrap car removal in St Albert.

Free Towing

What’s even better about our services is that we believe to give you everything that is required for proper Junk car removal. For instance, we provide free towing for your car from anywhere. If you face an unfortunate incident like an accident, and your car is somewhere on the road (damaged), you can just give us the location and we will tow your car from there.

Afterward, you will receive an offer with the best rates for that car which makes the whole process smooth as butter.

No More Junk

Free up some space from your backyard and have a chance to make something exciting with the price we pay for your scrap car removal in St Albert. The varieties are endless where we will take your mess out of that garage and give you enough space to do something with that.

Most of the time, the wife or kids might be asking you to move out due to less space. You can avoid that by removing your unwanted car from your backyard (if you have one) and this way you can save a lot of money and free up some space (that you can even use as a store room).

Likewise, you can even make a little garden for your kids where they can be creative while enjoying nature. This way, they will get healthier and better, so why keep that junk car in your garage when you can do so much?

One Call And Get Paid!

Now it’s time to get rid of unwanted and wrecked vehicles by contacting us today! To get cash for your vehicle. Call us now at +1 (780) 394-0767 and we can give you a time and quote over the phone.

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We Buy Junk Vehicles: Scrap Cars, Vans, and Trucks. We pay competitive scrap metal prices and have a range of specialized lifting and cutting equipment to facilitate the efficient and safe recycling of end-of-life vehicles. Sell us your end-of-life vehicle today.