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Are You Looking for A Convenient Way to Get Cash for A Junk Car in Edmonton?

Finding someone you can trust?

At Edmonton Cash 4 Junk Car, we offer the best deal and are ready to pick your car the same day. We offer top cash for cars in Edmonton. We welcome all models, years, and conditions of your vehicle. Plus, we will tow them for free of charge and give you cash for your junk car in Spruce grove.

The only thing you have to do is give us a call and our expert team will come and tow the vehicle from your location! You don’t have to worry about your money because you’ll receive your money as soon as we pick up your junk vehicle.

Also, now you do not have to wait to get rid of that car, but just with a single call or filling up the form, you will receive a deal in no time. Afterward, if you like the deal and accept the offer, we will give you instant cash on the spot for your racked cars in Edmonton.

Get Cash for Any Scrap Car In Edmonton

  • Damaged cars
  • Salvaged Cars
  • Cars that have electrical problems
  • salvaged vehicle / Rebuilt and has mechanical problems, we buy them too.
  • Unwanted, Old
  • Wrecked, Burned, or Scrap Vehicles & Pay Top Dollar.

No matter you bring damaged, salvaged, or other cars that you cannot drive, we will purchase them from you and give you the best offers in Edmonton and its surroundings.

Why Us?

With years in the business, we have enough experience to make the process of selling vehicles experience easier and more convenient than ever. Just a phone call or visit us online can skip all the hassle and aggravation of trying to sell a car. We pride ourselves to provide on our courteous, efficient, and the best customer service. If you call to talk to one of our experts, we’ll answer any questions you have.

We also have trucks that will be available for you on a single call. They will tow your scrap car free of cost and then we will send you an offer.

Now it’s time to get rid of unwanted and wrecked vehicles by contacting us today! To get cash for your broken vehicle in Sherwood Park. We will also be there for you to help you out with any information you need regarding the whole process. So, what’s better than getting car removal for cash in Edmonton?

Best Rates In Town

Be it Spruce Grove or Stony Plain, we have covered these areas by building ultimate trust among customers and providing nice deals. Our rates are mostly based on the metal rate and you do not have to worry, because we will provide recent rates and you can compare those before accepting our offer.

Cash On The Spot

There is no this or that with Edmonton cash for junk cars, but we will give you cash on the spot for your burned or scrap cars in spruce grove. This is something that sets us apart from other service providers in these areas. So, you can rely on us for providing the best rates as well as making sure you get paid right away.

No More Waiting

No more waiting for car towers to come in and take your car and then looking for a perfect car dealer who will offer cash for salvaged or junk cars in Edmonton. But, with us, you only need to give us a call and we will take care of every formality you might have to face and tow your car from your place while providing the best offers on the spot.

So, what is better than choosing someone who will take care of everything for you?

Ultimate Benefits You’ll Get


This Earth is a place where we live and as a part of its beings, we are responsible for its well-being. So, selling out your scrap cars not only gets you cash, but you are taking care of the Earth by doing it. This is so because you get rid of that junk from your backyard that is rotting and we recycle it safely.

Safe Recycle

Our recycling process is safe as we make sure that we do not emit toxic gases while recycling the metal and other scraps. The same goes for you because you get a chance to remove that junk from your garage or backyard and replace it with something you like.

Get Free Space

What would be more special for your family and yourself than getting a free space in the backyard or garage where that old pesky car is being rotted?

We know that it might be really close to your heart, but why not send it to a better place (to us) and free up some space for your kids to do something productive. Or even build a workstation there to start your own business.

Possibilities are endless and there is no ending to your thinking. So, make sure to think creatively and not have that feeling of connection with your old vehicle. We will take care of that by giving you enough cash you can use to do something productive with that place.

Reach Out To Us Now!

Edmonton Cash For Junk Cars has a professional crew waiting just for your call where you can tell about the details like model, make and name of your cars and they would tell you free rate-estimation.

Call us now at +1 (780) 394-0767 and we can give you a time and quote over the phone.


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We Buy Junk Vehicles: Scrap Cars, Vans, and Trucks. We pay competitive scrap metal prices and have a range of specialized lifting and cutting equipment to facilitate the efficient and safe recycling of end-of-life vehicles. Sell us your end-of-life vehicle today.